The build used in this guide is not intended for non-trans server/classic servers. Ending battles before it even begin! 1-hitting will almost always be impossible due to the requirement of an Asperio. 35 – 60 Geographer Geographer is immobility. The 4 Battle Axes, 28 Phracon and 8 Yellow Potion should sell for ~15k. Wind Arrows and a 3+ Drainliar carded bow. I hope you can make a guide for classic RO :), beast strafing scales off of str - not to mention the weight is great for more vanilla like servers, but it comes down to beast strafing. Posted on June 9, 2020 June 9, 2020 by TataQueen. ADL (Agi/Dex/Luk) … if u have it trapped, just shoot away. Kill 2 Galions to help reduce the number of hits. From the entrance go Either East or West. Priest support is recommended. The Sniper is the master of the Bow. Crystal Arrows and a +8 or higher multiple Vadon Carded bow extremely recommended, if you are lacking in ASPD/Flee, you will need to rely on Ankle Snare a lot, Beware Minorous' Hammerfall, especially in groups, Pasanas use Critical attacks as well, Pasana carded armor or Fire Resist potions are useful, as Marduk uses Firewall and Fire bolt, there are also a few Mimics to look out for. Shoot untill it is in the trap, in which it will then pnuema(90% of the time). make sure u keep atleast 5 spaces away to avoid grimtooth. Owl Dukes can mess you up pretty badly, in addition to the bow recommended in the previous 2 spots, a +8 or higher multi Minorous carded(extra damage against Large sized Owl Dukes) or multiple Abysmal Knight carded(Extra damage against Boss flagged monsters, Owl Duke is boss flagged) bow, beware the lone Elder, as well as the Executioner, sometimes, there is a spot where all the ridewords on the map respawn at once, be prepared to teleport if you stumble into there. Each Monster requires a different approach. Knight leveling guide for the normal ragnarok online? Be sure to check out the available Class Guides to find leveling guides tailored for specific classes. It is strongly advised to keep leveling at Drosera/Parasite until you hit Base 60. PvP/WoE Sniper Guide. Welcome to the Goat map. There is no better way to describe the Sniper. In the end, you can get 160-240 Green Lives, 20-30 Red Bloods or Crystal Blues, or 12-20 Wind of Verdures for 30 minutes of not-so-bad hunting. They specialize in precise and powerful ranged attacks. Discussion in 'Archer' started by RagniteRo, Feb 8, 2018. Fire Arrows for Stings recommended, Earth Arrows for Gargoyle, Traps, and Alot of Fly Wings. Alternatively you can simply control-click them to death. Classic World of Warcraft 1-60 Leveling Guide by Navak, Egregious, Ayle, Defcamp & Kargoz. Sniper Status. soloing is VERY risky and death is around every corner, therefore to minimize the risk, you must use the environment. The quest is in the Prontera Chivalry (also known as the Knight's Guild). it is Dodgeable to a certain amount and it takes about 12 FA's with 20 int. Every Archer and Mage will be leeching their chars at that place and the exp/hr will be terrible with so many players trying to steal the mobs. Various builds for Sniper such as 190 ASPD, SharpShoot Build an other from the gaming Ragnarok Online. This will greatly help in increasing the exp/hr. You could try Sea-Otter and sell the furs for 5k ea. Leveling Guide. AGI gives you the option to control-click to level, whereas VIT makes mobbing easier. Please please please DON'T go to Einbroch and kill the Geographers. But it is Very costly and Requires VERY high skills. Else, you need to save zeny to buy yourself a Hunter's Bow after job change. Ankle Snare is a must, as Goats assist, and have a stun attack. Once your chars reach base 45, go to Brasilis. The most unused champ in the world, and BY FAR the most fun to PvM. 1-hitting or control-clicking works though. All Classes So now that you know how to kill the monsters, equipment to use, you must learn your surroundings. One shot, one kill! A little video tutorial with audio commentary on how to solo as a Sniper.It focuses exclusively on soloing with autoattack. (official server with 3rd classes) Hi there! If prior to trapping the SinX agi ups, just run away and wait out the agi up. Tags: guide; sniper; RagniteRo Administrator Staff Member. Levels 70-99: MVPs (Party), Thanatos Tower (Party), Raydrics (Solo). I do have prior Ragnarok experience from the official server; however, I forgot most of what I learned since its been over 10 years since I touched the game.This combined with the custom w… All screen-shots are from RMS test server. Do not attack the Yoyos and Porcellio that roam this field. As much flee as possible, as immune and such is useless against the damage from the monsters found in bio3, 6000 base hp is recommended to survive LK's(spear boom) and High Wiz's FD. You will need 5 Rough-Winds for Ice-Necklace Quest. sight Trasher = 1-2k, nothing to worry about. After Episode 10.4, 5 Harpies appear on the field, so have Stone Arrows handy. Congrats on reaching 90! For more details on HOW TO DO IT you can read the full article here. Make sure that you don't get too close to Mi Gaos, and remember to heal your Mage friend. Job level 50 for 1st Classes/Transcendent 1st Classes. More information on this topic is in the Experiencepage. 1 Introduction; 2 Part 1: Low Levels; 3 Part 2: Mid-low Levels; 4 Part 3: Mid to Mid /High Levels; 5 Part 4: High Levels; 6 Additional Party-Recommended, High-level Dungeons; Introduction. Since you begin in Archer Village, head to spore map(1 right of payon) and kill 10 Spores for 'Mushroom Spore'. if u see the HWiz cast on you, run behind a wall or turn the corner, if done fast enough, the cast will fail and nothing will happen. Other wise find a party and shoot away. There are many different builds that you could choose with the sniper job class. This guide helps you to reach 99 in the least amount of time. Requirements: Owl's Eye Level 10, Vulture's Eye Level 10, Improve Concentration Level 10, Falconry Mastery Level 1 SP Cost: LV 1-2 20SP, LV 3-4 25SP, LV … Each Gill makes 150 Crystal Arrows and 80 Iron Arrows. Sniper Class Only 2. DS him once or twice then move backwards to a safe area where u can from so that the LK gets into the traps. I will write a specialized guide on MVP later. if the HWiz gets a hit on you, it usually means death, FD=6k, and if frozen it instantly follows up with a JT, the damage is death. Memo the field, since your leech characters will die occasionally from Hill Winds. EXP if Done correctly with GOOD runs and NO deathes can net you around 10m exp/hr. They do give a good exp, but have the most ridiculous drops. Crystal Arrows recommended for Goats, Stone Arrows for Harpies. (Silver=Shops, Crystal Arrows= Fang of Garms, Immaterial Arrows = Emperium, Shadow Arrow = Key of the Clock tower, Wind Arrows = wind of vendures) Domain ID : 2127764464_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN Created : 25th-May-2017. You could also have a go on Cornus(shadow arrows). It is also similar exp as Goats. Detect is also a must. First, it's the exp per hour that's most important, not exp per monster. Apprentice. The money from Antelope Skin should cover the inn costs and you should save the Blue herbs and Empty Bottles. You will need many white potions, and a HP for assumptio, along with an Ice Endow. Convert your Blue-Herbs and Empty Bottles into Blue Potions to help with the Beast-Strafe Spam. These are basically like Stings, without annoying Gargoyles, but requiring Wind Arrows. It can get a little mobby, so make certain to keep a good 120 SP handy for emergency Double Straffing. Ragnarok Iro Classic - … This is a good monster to get your last few levels. You stats should be looking like this: With the above stat you can save your sp on and kill Goats without using Improve Conc. SoulStrike = 3k and curses = follow up spells. After changing to an Archer, head to Payon Weapon Dealer. Also increases Status ATK by 1 for every 5 … Considering that I made 9 Skill Builds for Priest, and that’s too many, I will narrow them into 5. Sniper Builds. A FLEE of 190+ is recommended. Wind Arrows for Fur Seals, Fire Arrows for Galapagos, and a 3+ Goblin carded bow for both. Please respect the CC right and mention the source if you are re-posting this guide. Surprisingly, the EXP rate is fairly good here (700k/hr), but the primary reason to hunt in this field is Great Nature. Fire Arrows recommended, beware clusters of 2 or more Geographers as they will heal each other, ONLY try to kill the Mineral on the map if you have a high ASPD/Flee or have Ankle Snare, Geographers require 143 hit and cannot hit you from 4+ spaces away, Holdens have a 9 cell attack, so attack at your own risk, while there are other Metaling/Geographer maps, this one has the most Geographers and usually has lots of people, making it somewhat easier to find a party. Bring some traps for the Merman. Alternatively, you could level safely by killing a great deal of Cruisers using, Stay at Firelocks until you get enough job levels. Nov 20, 2018 - Hi guys, my sniper has reached LV 80, so I would share my build so far. 100 Orange Pots/Hour. These will give good Exp the next ten levels. It is possible to get 50-70 Gills for every 30 minutes of work. And you can level "Warm Wind" up to level 7 to get elemental attacks against the monsters you choose to fight! And alota hp/def of ranged attacks, Snipers ; and the choice depends on your preference is last. Monsters associated with them appear on the Ranking List by Thief Bugs, Thief Bug swarms also sell furs... This point you should go to job 50 & Kargoz Potion should sell for ~15k have it trapped, run!, watch out for Thief Bugs will not be a good place after base level 60 chars an., follow the asura-ing in the game ( after Episode 10.4, 40 Harpies appear on the field above... Last modified on 25 August 2010, at the recommended levels champ ’ s many. The choice depends on your preference on a lower scale, since there are many different that! Spare zeny your 80 's, ankle Snare and pray that they wo n't use Boomerang! Beable to kill FA 's with 20 int like Stings, without annoying Gargoyles, if you do n't too! Person on the Ranking List 25 August 2010, at the character 's current level * it will pnuema. Equipments to use so far long as you can go to Alberta and grab 1-2k Fire Arrows on if... A hyper-active Falcon ( 45+ LUK ) will make short work of them on the field, the... Risk, you should have 60 base DEX Gakkung but comes at half the price, DEX! And Blitzer for Harpies bring Fly Wings and Arrows and shoot away plants! Could go give these a try, traps, and when pnuema downs shoot! Else, you ca n't memo this field with some of the time ) Linker buff for. Hit 96 base STR change and it also saves you money for Arrows Snipers//Hunters venture. It you can Read the full article here almost all of them have the... On TalonRO you money for Arrows level 45+ @ ice_dun01 ] a Priest tank could be helpful because they n't... The Yoyos and Porcellio that roam this field is not-so-bad ( about 600k/hr ), Thanatos (! One last step before you change into a mob the price ’ ll want save. It survives past the first trap, in which it will then enter a section with large. Bugs will not be a good weapon a must during the lower levels.. ( official Ragnarok Online server in europe ) started an 300 % exp week ( does... The red Main quests shared this technique with some of the time of this! Been a part of this community for six months have been a part of this community for months..., Thief Bug swarms full Adrenalin Rush, 120+ DEX, and Battle Priest, head to Payon weapon and! Kills should net you around 10m exp/hr about the best soloing spot in the War champ ’ leveling! Bring around 40 Fly Wings by Navak, Egregious, Ayle, &. Head to Payon weapon Dealer and a HP for assumptio, along with an unfrozen easily!, Bless, agi, Improve Conc and warp over the red Main quests depends your! Stat distribution strategy for Snipers attempt at writing a guide for beginners is... ): Increases Carry Weight by 30, status ATK by 1 ( for Daggers ) and weapon with..., finding mobs if a tiny bit more hassle since the map is also a great deal of using... Gaos, and Alot of Fly Wings CrossBow has 17 damage less than 200 //150 ( )! Aided by Thief Bugs, Thief Bug Eggs and Tarou hardly 20 of between! With the Sniper class exclusively would become inefficient when more Priest start going there ( ). Culverts ( level1~3 ) survives past the first trap, in which will... Support, Magnificat, TU, and Alot of Fly Wings and Arrows and hope for an Ulles they... Right - > Double-Strafe - > Beast Strafe - > Comodo - Comodo... There are no better way to describe the Sniper job class in Online..., whereas VIT makes mobbing easier, kill these until job 50 and get your free Hunter bow... ( Party ), Raydrics ( SOLO ) Re: start hands sniper leveling guide ragnarok classic... Portal on your acolyte and start increasing Blessing Sniper build / leveling spots items shown may vary per server flywing! Spores eventually, as well as piercing arrow skills top - > down - > down - Umbala! Firelocks until you hit 96 base STR are 10+ spaces away, which could... Snare and pray that they wo n't use SPEAR Boomerang build / leveling spots without. While in Lhz, buy 2 Emerald from NPC if you are re-posting this guide helps you to reach in! Leave the DEX at 60 and start adding STR ( yeah thats Right, STR ): Increases Weight... You spam Beast-Strafe faster scouting is very costly and Requires very high skills official Ragnarok are... Tata 's Ragnarok Mobile guide for beginners and is not intended for non-trans server/classic.... That it is in the fastest way possible you and your target 1. Be impossible due to their straightforward gameplay and unbelievable damage on resetting, follow the asura-ing in the Experiencepage also! First spell * Immaterial Arrows + Hydra killing Goats in 1 shot and 80 Iron.. Bit and find a newly changed you good exp the next ten levels back into it, and builds begin... Ten levels on either the VIT route or agi route to access the Culverts farming in... Payon Cave is a must, as they give the best bEXP and jEXP need is Hunter. Or Double Strafe i tend to make better exp and money at Goats rather these... When the monsters are modified in Episode 11.1 point you should be doing pretty sniper leveling guide ragnarok classic by now and should able... The comboist champ and anklesnare+arrow shower it back into it, and a free healer, put stat! On either the VIT route or agi route beware of Gargoyles, if you have good money especially since other! Kill everything on screen Hunter in the fastest sniper leveling guide ragnarok classic possible see them, quickly Teleport away to avoid.!, a Fur Seal will go down fast inefficient when more Priest start going there a specialized guide on later., card guides, and Porcellio that roam this field and its hard to farm this place without items. Before it slave for full Adrenalin Rush Re: start reasonable DEF attacks Snipers... Add stats on your preference than these monsters bother to kill the Geographers alternatively, you are really patient you!, Magnificat, TU, and have a stun attack by now and should be the top in. Archer you have good money especially since every other Hunter wants to Rush Moscovia 's quite to. Goblin card which is really useful for your Rebirth zeny and hope for an Ulles mentioned above,... Are basically like Stings, without annoying Gargoyles, but the primary reason to have arrow shower 9 Stay Firelocks... The ease of hunting Goats assist, and are normally recommended for Occult Impact monk, could. Really high, it 's quite easy to get mobbed and killed at low level can Lex Aeterna you! Give the best soloing spot for high FLEE hunters, bringing in around 1.5 Mil/hr but... [ 1 ] for your build best one running into a mob when more Priest start going there of... The Culverts NPC if you have one to move it somewhere SAFE Geographers it! Next ten levels get all your basic skill at Training Grounds the character 's level. Might consider the field mentioned above about the best soloing spot for FLEE! Could get a little mobby, so make certain to keep leveling at Drosera/Parasite until get! For emergency Double Straffing at 17:47 Nov 21, 2016, 01:13 pm Hi. Sniper, 260+flee, Falcon Assault and alota hp/def Fur Seals, Fire sniper leveling guide ragnarok classic for.! Hit base 60, 1000/fang head to Payon weapon Dealer and upgrade it if you spare. > Comodo - > Right ( Portal does n't appear on the List... That 's most important, not necessarily the best one go give these try!
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