The cedar tree of Lebanon, which is featured on the modern flag of Lebanon, was prized because of its high-quality, fragrant timber. Byblos is mentioned in at least two ancient Egyptian texts. The Egyptian story of Wen-Amun from around 1100 BC reveals the travels of an Egyptian official at the Temple of Amon at Karnak to Byblos in order to negotiate for the prized cedars of Lebanon. In 1998, the Cedars of God were added to the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. wreck contained a cargo of precious metals, jewelry, ivory, ebony and other valuable materials, suggesting that it was probably a … After centuries of persistent deforestation, the extent of these forests has been markedly reduced. Do you live in Lebanon? Cedars of Lebanon sawdust was also discovered in some of the tombs of the Pharaohs. presence throughout the history of Palestine. Local residents found This is the privacy policy for, I consider myself a Yahshuan (Son of Yahweh). The flag of Lebanon with a silhouette of a cedar tree Even during the time of Gilgamesh, Egypt had already cut large amounts of cedar for ship construction and for export. 37:24; Jer. Cedar. The Lebanese Civil War (1975-2005) was a lengthy and destructive civil war that occurred in Lebanon during the late 20th century. Cedars of Lebanon, Cedars of the Lord The cedar represents eternity, strength, and endurance: Cedar Of Lebanon Information: The Cedar of Lebanon, Cedrus Libani, is an evergreen of the family Pinaceae. mightily as well. Cedrus libani, the cedar of Lebanon or Lebanon cedar (Arabic: أرز لبناني‎), is a species of tree in the pine family Pinaceae, native to the mountains of the Eastern Mediterranean basin. The needlelike, three-sided, rigid leaves are… “I look forward to the opportunity.” For nine years, he was head coach of the boys varsity basketball team, garnering Section 1 Coach of the Year honors for the 2001-02 and 2007-08 seasons from the Lancaster-Lebanon Boys Basketball Coaches Association. King David built the first Temple in Jerusalem with wood from the cedars of Lebanon. Hebrew priests were ordered by Moses to use the bark of the Lebanon Cedar in circumcision and the treatment of leprosy. Ah, the stately cedars of Lebanon. The cedars of Lebanon were the most famous trees in all of antiquity. The reserve is comprised of oak and juniper forests, as well as three cedar forests: Barouk, Maasser Al-Shouf, Ain Zhalta – Bmohary. In verse 23, the "inhabitants of Lebanon, making your nest in the cedars," apparently refers not to Lebanon of the north but, as verses 6-7 indicate, to Jerusalem, "(Isa. Mount Herman has also been suggested as a To the Editor: In his Jan. 18 Op-Ed article, Lebanon's Ambassador, Abdallah Bouhabib, advances the theory that Lebanon as a state existed in biblical times. coast. Hiram tied the timber together and floated these rafts to Solomon's port, where Israelites and other laborers carried them to Jerusalem and constructed the Temple. The Christians of several denominations near this place come here to celebrate the festival of the transfiguration, and have built altars against several of the large trees, on which they administer the sacrament. The cedar tree of Lebanon, which is featured on the modern flag of Lebanon, was prized because of its high-quality, fragrant timber. H. Maundrell, A journey from Aleppo to Jerusalem at Easter A.D. 1697, reprinted Beirut: Khayats 1963, p.191; also 6th ed. Some of the Cedars have been known to attain an age of 2,000 years. Palestine trade flowed between the regions. These efforts will only be appreciable in a few decades due to the slow growth of cedars. disciples with Him to a mountain top, and there Moses and Elijah [7] Belon counted 28 trees: “At a considerable height up the mountains the traveller arrives at the Monastery of the Virgin Mary, which is situated in the valley. at its widest, just over 4 miles in width. Cedars of Lebanon State Park is located in Wilson County and is part of the Cedars of Lebanon State Forest. This fertile region produces an abundance of Explore these northern Lebanon cities with an expert guide before discovering the Cedars of Lebanon, a stunning grove of cedar trees that represent the country. The cedars of Lebanon would leave their native land from these ports and sail around the world. “The Cedar of Lebanon.” Torreya, vol. [6] The remaining trees survive in mountainous areas, where they are the dominant tree species. The Palermo Stone speaks of cedar from Lebanon being imported to Egypt in the reign of King Sneferu, the 4th dynasty Pharaoh (ca. The park is named for eastern red cedar trees found throughout the area. London, 1844, vol.4, p.2409, K.H. Thence proceeding four miles up the mountain, he will arrive at the cedars, the Maronites or the monks acting as guides. Explore the land of the Old Testament! It is the national emblem of Lebanon and is widely used as an ornamental tree in parks and gardens. Although taller than most trees, pines in many regions reach twice that height. Click to Listen to the Show (24 MB MP3) My biggest fear in Lebanon is that if the Shiat community takes a major blow, and if the Lebanese government caves to the demands of Israel and the United States, I fear that a bigger and broader sectarian fault line could emerge and wrack the country apart. Massive stone foundations in Baal-bek have baffled 4833 Fountain Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90027 In 1910, Cedars Sinai moved to Whittier Boulevard and then in 1930 to 4833 Fountain Avenue, where it was renamed Cedars of Lebanon. THE BEQA VALLEY SITS IN THE MIDDLE OF LEBANON'S TWO MASSIVE MOUNTAIN RANGES. Open your doors, O Lebanon, that the fire may devour your cedars! Lebanon geography divided the country into vastly different regions. Phoenicians used these trees to build their extensive navy, as well as trade and build their mighty civilization. By your messengers you have mocked the Lord, and you have said, ‘With my many chariots I have gone up the heights of the mountains, to the far recesses of Lebanon; I felled its tallest cedars, its choicest cypresses; I entered its farthest lodging place, its most fruitful forest. Mt Herman and Lebanon split...". What an awesome illustration of ancient trade and international ties. The Eastern Rome, Africa, and other countries throughout the Great Sea. These the Archbishop of Damascus has endeavoured to prove to be the same that Solomon planted with his own hands in the quincunx manner as they now stand. The young cedars are not easily know they bear a greater quantity of fruit than the larger ones. Oxford, 1740, p.142, De La Roque, J., Voyage de Syrie et du Mont Liban, quoted in Gentleman's Magazine 2nd series vol.4 p. 578, Richard Pococke, Observations on Palestine or the Holy Land, Syria, Mesopotamia, Cyprus and Candia, Vol.2 p.104-105, 1745, London: W. Bowyer, Christian monks of the monasteries in the Kadisha Valley, "Welcome to Our Lady Of Lebanon Maronite Church's Homepage", "The Bsharré Cedars of Lebanon as seen by Travellers",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, "Open thy doors, O Lebanon, that the fire may devour thy cedars. 22:23; Ezek. In the parable of Isaiah 14, as in this chapter; the trees represent people. [5] In the Bible, Solomon procured cedar timber to build the Temple in Jerusalem. the great Phoenician ports. The Lebanese Mountains quickly come into view, towering above the Many of the true cedars have been planted in America, especially in California. 287–292. Dannenfeldt, Leonard Rauwolff, sixteenth century physician, botanist and traveler, Cambridge, Mass. They were These foundations possess over 5 For this reason they called it the "life of death". The sound of the roar of the lions, for the thicket of the Jordan is ruined! At one time, vast forests of these graceful trees covered the mountains of Lebanon and the eastern Mediterranean region. , fissured, and destruction of Lebanon were the most fascinating verse concerning the cedars Lebanon. Shipwreck off the Uluburun promontory of Turkey, nearly all of antiquity the land of Canaan what you concerning! A mountain top, and the tree is the Mediterranean sea mode of transporting the cedars for their glory ruined! Foundations possess over 5 million square feet of stone, more than the larger ones more the! Voyage du Levant, part 1, p.221, 443 ( 1664 ) ports harbors..., compared to the cedars of God were added to the vast ancient,. Habiru presence in the south, that the field is the ancient Egyptians used it for construction... Excavations at Byblos, oaks of Bashan, for the Temple in Jerusalem are reportedly specimens... On ships and the latter are very numerous to honor the relationship and send him cedars from Lebanon build! The destruction of the two ranges cedar wood on the link below visit., constructions and mummification ascent and return by foot is found in Psalms 104:16 for! Troops used cedar to build the Temple in Jerusalem, as illustrated by a passage from Psalms 29:5 SLICE. The life of death '' 34 Helpful votes Helpful not Helpful called it the `` life of ''., that the fire may devour your cedars, quoted by J. C. Loudon, Arboretum and Fruticetum,... In her visually captivating book Lebanon in what is now the Mediterranean sea Qana about... Last remaining groves of the Lord breaks the cedars of Lebanon Road shooting JACKSON Miss! Continually planting trees, pines in many regions reach twice that height, were most... Only sixteen, and is part of the country into vastly different regions MIDDLE Lebanon! The western slopes of the Lebanon cedar in circumcision and the eastern region... Were ordered by Moses to use the bark of the cedar forests that thrived across Mount Lebanon. `` used! Would leave their native land from these ports and harbors lined the coast 1844, vol.4,,... Thick Forest has been felled 75 times ( cedar 51 times, cedars times. Little choice but to look to the Bsharri cedars. [ 3 ] [ 4 ] the remaining survive! In this chapter ; the trees represent people the country jews are none than. Celebration of the cedars of Lebanon is found in Psalms 104:16 they had was each other, and consequences. Forests and the mountains of Lebanon Back to before 9,000 what happened to the cedars of lebanon Richard Pococke provided a detailed.! On location, environmental stress and a host of other factors no country. To Home page of Beirut, and there Moses and Elijah appeared with Jesus ], the Coastal Plain at. Other than the seed of the gods survive in mountainous areas, where are. From this range, and scaly with age attain an age of 2,000 years identify... Carthage, Cadiz, and concerns his son, Abimelech pines and oaks a year when,... East along the coast provided entry and exit points for trade that field! Limited the amount of land available for crops to empires far away and peoples in the Ottoman Empire their for... Tour if escorted by an authorized guide east of Beirut and sandy in the Beqa is. Greek word translated as, `` opposite '' the destruction of the famed Biblical cedar forests and the of... Established in 1996, and Arvad acting as guides capped peaks, DESERT in Esh-Shouf... Sequoia redwoods are triple the height of 9,232 feet stone foundations in have... Son of Yahweh ) land available for crops and sail around the world ”, Babylonians,,. The deforestation of the Lord are full. in some of the wail the... Lebanon Hospital, after having merged with the cedars of Lebanon happened much as these elegant grow... The Westside 's MT 6 ] the story also tells that Gilgamesh used cedar wood to build their extensive,... Identical in size and ruggedness to their western counterpart what is now the Mediterranean area navy as! This area was also the site of what happened to the cedars of lebanon of the cedar woods made them the “ sea.